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Advocate Dogs Advocate Dogs

Advocate Dogs

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Advocate Cats

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ZUKI online Advocate anti parasite system shop

Complete protection against ticks, lice, fleas, and other harmful parasites

Known around the world for its effective treatment against ticks, lice, fleas, and all manner of parasites that may disturb or pose risk to your pet, ZUKI is proud to be South Africa's online destination for Advocate®, an all-in-one treatment approved for cats, dogs, and even ferrets! Applied once each month, the miracle active ingredient, imidacloprid, fights off fleas and lice, while the moxidectin enters your pet's bloodstream and helps rid it of any nasty worms or mites. Order online today and ZUKI will deliver Advocate® straight to your home, ensuring your pets never have another restless, scratchy night again.