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Allerpet Cat

Allerpet Cat

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Products for managing and relieving cat allergies

Allergies affect so many of us in our daily lives, and pets are no exception. Just like us, cats are prone to all manner of allergies, both seasonal and food-related, that can develop seemingly out of nowhere and lead to a great many troubles for your furry friend. This is why ZUKI understands the importance of bringing the cats of South Africa a range of products designed to help them cope with the difficulties allergies can bring. Our products can help reduce inflammation, sneezing, congestion, and many other troubling allergy symptoms. Additionally, we offer products to boost your pet's immune system and stave off any unwelcome bacteria while promoting positive digestive health in your cat. Best of all, ZUKI's home delivery means that your cat's needs can be taken care of with no hassle whatsoever.