ZUKI online cat accessories and supplies shop

A comprehensive range of accessories and supplies for your cat

ZUKI, South Africa's one-stop pet supply shop, believes that no pet owner should ever have to struggle, which is why we offer a vast range of Cat Accessories and supplies that not only keep your kitty happy and healthy but make your job as a South African pet parent stress-free, at an unbeatable price. Boasting the finest treats and meals for your kitty, litter, supplements, more toys than your feline friend could dream of, gorgeous collars, harnesses, grooming products, and the softest beds on the block!

Some of our wonderful products that your cat is sure to adore include wet, dry, freeze-dried, and even dehydrated foods (boasting only the best ingredients, of course), ensuring that your kitty is fed, happy, and healthy no matter what their dietary requirements may be. Cat toys may seem like a luxury, but they're an essential part of helping your cat grow and mature. From balls and feather wands to teasers, puzzles, scratchers and more. ZUKI's range of toys helps you and your kitty bond while having tons of fun!

Even attending to litter training is a snap, with numerous options such as standard, covered, disposable, high-sided, and even self-cleaning litter boxes. You'll even be spoiled for choice when it comes to litter! Offering litters in a range of options such as clumping, non-clumping, scented, all-natural, lightweight, and so much more, ZUKI ensures that no kitty ever has to struggle, no matter their needs.

That's before we even get into our luxurious beds. Your feline friend can rest easy in comfort and style with a range of standard pillow beds, heated beds, and even covered beds keeping them warm no matter how chilly the evenings get. Our beds even help with medical and age-related issues, offering you orthopaedic cat beds that are sure to assist with any nasty joint or hip pain. Whatever your needs may be, shop online with ZUKI today, and our team will deliver the solution straight to your door, hassle-free!