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A complete range of dog grooming and hygiene products

We here at ZUKI know that there's nothing worse than a smelly, poorly-groomed pooch. Not only is it hard for pet owners to deal with, but it makes your dogs unhappy as well, often leading to painful mats and parasite infestations that, sadly, they aren't equipped to handle on their own. That's why we're proud to provide all your dog care needs online, helping you keep your dog clean, healthy, and gorgeous for years to come. Boasting a range of brushes, safety scissors, and de-shedding tools, ZUKI is making it easier than ever for the pet owners of South Africa to get rid of nasty knots and clumps in your dog's fur without getting it all over your furniture! We also offer a range of supplies for more robust coat care, such as doggie shampoos and conditioners that help their coats stay shiny and full in any weather.

Keeping your dog looking and feeling their best doesn't have to be tricky, so order online with ZUKI today, and we'll deliver these products straight to your door, letting you both get back to having fun together.