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Dog Travel Accessories

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Dog Travel Accessories

A complete and comprehensive range of dog travel accessories

Don't you just love travelling? There's nothing quite like hitting the road and going wherever the wind may take you. It's a perfect opportunity to get away and broaden your horizons. But why does your best friend need to be left out? With ZUKI, South Africa's one-stop online pet supply shop, your dogs will have everything they need to join you on your travels, staying comfortable and happy while they see the world with you. We've got a range of incredible car seat covers, kennels, ramps, and even special travel bowls that can take the hassle out of travelling with a pet. Want to give your dog a view of the outside world from the comfort of your car? You'll love our doggie car seat carriers, letting them travel with you without any risk of hurting themselves or damaging your car's interior. Our range of car seats carriers are specifically designed to be easy to clean and wipe, keeping your car pristine even with the most exuberant pup joining you for the ride. Our travel kennels are perfect for keeping your dog safe and secure if you're travelling by car or plane, and we even offer a range of calming aids to help keep your pup free from stress and anxiety as they experience all kinds of new sights and sounds for the first time. ZUKI is here to make your travel experience as fun as can be, no matter where in the world you go! Order through us and get your dog travel accessories delivered directly to your door before starting your next big journey!