Footsack Pet Repellent


Size: 200ML
R 109


What is Footsack?

FOOTSACK is a training aid for your pets ( Dogs and Cats) — designed to help combating pets undesirable habits both indoors (e.g. sleeping or scratching furniture) and outdoors (e.g. to stop pets digging in your garden) or to keep them away from sensitive areas (e.g. flowerbeds or patches of lawn). Since FOOTSACK is merely a repellent spray or small granules, it should be accompanied by appropriate training to facilitate behavior modification.

How does Footsack work?

FOOTSACK contains 2-undecanone, a chemical with a smell that pets find offensive and will repel them from undesired areas for up to 12 hours. This smell is safe for your pets and humans and will not repel humans.

How do you use Footsack Granules?

Pet owners should use gloves when handling the granules and thereafter scatter them lightly on the lawn, flower beds, bases of tree-trunks, etc that need to be protected.

Pack size(s)

500g bottle of Gfranuals

200ML Spray bottle


Store in a cool place (below 25°C) and away from direct sunlight

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