GCS Cat Joint Care Advanced Gel


R 250


Tasty salmon flavored gel, Can be pumped onto food or directly onto your cat’s paw and let him lick it off. After 3 – 4 weeks the daily dose can be reduced to meet the cat’s specific needs.


Per pump (2ml)

Glucosamine HCL            300 mg

Chondroitin Sulphate       110 mg

MSM                                    100 mg

Omega-3                             100 mg

Vitamin C                             20 mg

Vitamin E                             20 mg

Manganese sulphate         5 mg

GCS-CAT Omega Gel is a salmon flavoured gel that aids in maintaining joint function.


Administer once daily 1 pump = 2ml

Weight Initial Treamtment (3-4 weeks) Maintenance Treatment
Up to 5 kg 2ml Daily (1 Pump) 1ml Daily (Half a Pump)
6-10 kg 4 ml Daily (2 Pumps) 2 ml (1 Pump Daily)

GCS-CAT Omega Gel can be applied to the cat’s paw or administered in the food.

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