Montego Classic Kitten with Chicken Cat Food


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Montego Classic Kitten food Chicken flavour is a Multi protein food for Kittens. It is free from Soya, artificial colorants and flavors. It is a Naturally balanced food with all the right Vitamins and minerals to allow your Kitten a balanced and full diet providing kittens everything they need while in their important growth stage of their lives.

With 32% protein and 13% Fat for high energy, Natural Prebiotic Fibres for improved digestion, DHA & Taurine for Vision support and Natural antioxidants for immune support this is a great product for you growing kittens.

Nutritional info

Cereals *(min 10% rice), processed chicken, protein (min 15%), derivatives of vegetable origin, fast and oils, palatability enhancer, essential minerals and vitamins and approved antioxidants. (may contain GMO*s), Omega 6 and 3. Tuna (min 5%), salmon, amino acids hydrolyze fish protein, powdered cellulose

Feeding Guideline:
Age of Kitten Grams per Day
1 - 2 months 30 - 50g
2 - 6 months 50 - 60g
6 - 12 months 60 - 70g

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