Petstages®Tower of Tracks


R 330


Petstages® Tower of Tracks cat track toy has 3 levels of ball spinning fun.

3 levels of tracks and 3 bright balls, for extended playtime and interactive play.

Equipped with 3 balls, the Tower of Tracks cat track stimulates you cat’s senses and excites their mind as they work to bat and play with every ball. Unique to Tower of Tracks, the balls will not come loose during play and securely spin across the tracks for repeated fun. Its design is the perfect way for your curious kitty to get the mental and physical exercise needed to stay healthy and engaged while channelling their hunting instincts.

  • Sturdy construction stands up to vigorous play
  • Three levels with three balls
  • Balls spin and roll for fun, exciting action 
  • Non-skid pads at bottom keep toy in place

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