Rosewood Agility Hurdle Kit


R 720


HURDLE 4 x 96 x 85.5 cm


Lots of fun for you and your dog, this Rosewood Dog Agility Hurdle is also a great way to keep you and your four-legged friend fit. This height adjustable hurdle is easy to transport so that any walkies can turn into an exciting training session! Now you can provide your canine friend with interactive fun and exercise that will enhance the bond between you both.


Ideal for your back garden or the park, the hurdle can be set up as part of an agility course or used on its own, whether this is for training or just for some fun with your dog. The kits consists of 3 poles with spikes for the two upright poles to allow you ti push them into the ground, and they all fit comfortably into the nylon bag, making it easy for you to carry or place in the back of your car for days out with your pet.  

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