Super Vet Adult Maintenance Chicken and Rice Dog Food


Select Bag Size: 8kg
R 279


Like its owner, it needs exercise and attention and good nutrition, which must include added ingredients to ensure a healthy skin and glossy coat, clean teeth and boost its immunity against disease.

This product contains at least 15% of both chicken and rice.

Skin & coat health: Contains a balanced blend of Omega 6:3 fatty acids, as well as added zinc and biotin for a healthy skin & glossy coat.

Anti-oxidants: Contains a blend of antioxidants (Vitamin E & selenium) to boost immunity and help protect cells from damage by scavenging free radicals.

Dental Health: The shape and texture of the kibble encourages mechanical brushing during chewing action.

Ingredients: Ground corn, rice (min 15%),Poultry meal (min 17,5%), corn gluten meal, meat & bone meal, wheaten bran, beef and chicken fat, meat digest, sunflower oil, canola oil, chicory root extract (source of FOS), mannan-oligosaccharides, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and approved antioxidants added.

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