Triworm-C Deworming Tablets for Cats


Select Size Of Your Cat: 0.5 to 8kg
R 42


TRIWORM-C for Cats is a safe, effective Dewormer for the treatment and prevention of ascarids, hookworms and tapeworms in Cats.

TRIWORM-C is safe for the use in old cats and young kittens and is suitable for Kittens and for cats up to 8kg.

Your Fur Babies should be treated regularly (3-6 Months) to prevent an infestation of worms.

Ingredients Praziquantel 20 mg and Pyrantel pamoate 230 mg.

The pack has 2 tablets inside and you should read the leaflet to confirm the dosage for the weight of your cat.


  • 2kg = 0.5 Tablets,
  • 4kg = 1 Tablet,
  • 6kg = 1.5 Tablet. 


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