Why Do Cats Purr?

We all assume that when our cats purr, they're indicating that they are happy, comfortable, and relaxed, but that isn't always true. Although this phenomenon has been studied for decades, scientists are still not able to discern the exact why and how, but they have given their best guess as to this particularly curious behaviour. 
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How to have a harmonious cat and dog household | Pet advice

We all know the phrase ‘to fight like cats and dogs’, but we’ve also seen countless adorable YouTube videos of cats and dogs cuddling like besties....
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10 ways to be a better cat owner

Studies have shown that owning a cat can improve your mental and even your physical wellbeing - but what about your little fluff-ball? Make sure th...
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Cancer in pets: recognising the signs & getting treatment

You notice a strange new lump or bump on your pet and a dreaded thought enters your mind: could it be something serious? In fact at this point, a f...
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6 Steps for introducing a kitten into a dog household

It’s not true that cats and dogs are always enemies, even if cartoons want us to think so. Many households have successfully integrated the two spe...
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How to spoil your cat on valentine's day | Healthy cat treat recipes

Whether your cat is an affectionate ball of fluff or a more aloof little floof, one thing’s for sure: if you’re wrapped around her paw, you’ll want...
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