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With a reputation for creating high-quality, balanced, and delicious doggie meals, EUKANUBA has been a trusted name in dog food for years, and ZUKI is South Africa's first choice for all things EUKANUBA! With helpful, easy-to-understand packaging that makes clear exactly what the nutritional value of each meal is, you'll be able to tend to your pet's distinct needs effectively. With a carnivorous focus for their meals, EUKANUBA takes care to ensure that only high-quality animal proteins are used in each product they offer, from the finest chicken to the tastiest lamb. It's this focus that has allowed their products to enrich the lives of millions of animals around the world. Order online with ZUKI today, and we'll ship EUKANIBA foods straight to your door, letting you discover for yourself why their proud 60-year history has helped them become one of the world's most beloved dog food brands.