Paws up for ZUKi Bucks!

How do I sign up?

Well, the good news is you’re probably signed up already.

ZUKi customers are automatically linked to the ZUKi Bucks programme when you make your first purchase with us (plus you receive your first 1000 ZB when you do).

After that, you earn points for shopping, sharing, and referrals!

All existing customers will automatically earn ZUKi Bucks as of the program launch date 10 October 2020

Let’s get spending

Your ZUKi Bucks unlock rewards in the form of ZUKi Vouchers, with 5 main voucher values.

• 10 000 ZB = R150 ZUKi Voucher
• 20 000 ZB = R300 ZUKi Voucher
• 40 000 ZB = R600 ZUKi Voucher
• 80 000 ZB = R1 200 ZUKi Voucher
• 160 000 ZB = R2 400 ZUKi Voucher

Show me the Money!

Earning ZUKi Bucks is really simple. You’ll earn ZBs every time you make a purchase, but you can also earn even more by spreading the word and telling your friends about us.

• You’ll earn 1000 ZB upon automatic sign up
• You’ll earn 1 ZB for every Rand you spend on ZUKi products (including auto delivery orders)
• You’ll earn 1000 ZB for telling your friends about us on Facebook or Twitter
• You’ll earn 5000 ZB for every friend you refer to us

Go for gold

The ZUKi Bucks programme works on a tier system, boosting your rewards as you level up.

When you reach 1 000 ZB

• You’ll receive an instant 1000 ZB
• You’ll earn ZBs 1x faster

When you reach 25 000 ZB

• You’ll receive an instant 10 000 ZB
• You’ll earn ZBs 1.5x faster

When you reach 50 000 ZB

• You’ll receive an instant 20 000 ZB
• You’ll earn ZBs 2x faster