Why Do Cats Purr?

We all assume that when our cats purr, they're indicating that they are happy, comfortable, and relaxed, but that isn't always true. Although this phenomenon has been studied for decades, scientists are still not able to discern the exact why and how, but they have given their best guess as to this particularly curious behaviour. 
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6 Steps for introducing a kitten into a dog household

It’s not true that cats and dogs are always enemies, even if cartoons want us to think so. Many households have successfully integrated the two spe...
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Frustrating cat litter box issues & how to solve them

Frustrating cat litter box issues There are few things more frustrating than a cat who develops elimination issues, especially when the problem see...
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How to litter train your kitten: 10 cat house-training tips from a vet

If you’ve ever tried to house train a puppy, here’s the good news: litter training a kitten is immeasurably easier. Kittens and cats naturally try ...
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Bringing your new kitten home: 10 Top kitten tips for pet owners

Congratulations on your new kitten! It’s such an exciting time – and a bit daunting too. Your new baby is likely to be feeling a little out of sort...
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