How To Keep Your Pets Safe In Winter

In winter, we make sure to stay safe and warm to avoid getting sick, and we should also take the same precautions for our four-legged friends. Many people assume that because pets have fur, they're safe from harsh, cold weather. But many pets, such as dogs, in particular, can experience severe problems, such as hypothermia and frostbite if left outside for long periods. 
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Kidney failure in pets: what you need to know

Kidney failure, also known as kidney disease, is unfortunately very common in cats and dogs, and is most often seen in old cats, but is also common...
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10 symptoms you should never ignore in your pet

Not sure whether to rush your pet to the vet or if you’re overreacting? Here’s a list of 10 of the most common symptoms that require medical attent...
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Frustrating cat litter box issues & how to solve them

Frustrating cat litter box issues There are few things more frustrating than a cat who develops elimination issues, especially when the problem see...
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Why dogs eat grass: Causes, prevention & when to worry

Have you ever spotted your dog chomping on juicy green blades of grass? If so, you may also have noticed that after enthusiastically devouring it, ...
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