Raisin, grape & currant poisoning in dogs | Harmful foods for dogs

It often comes as a surprise to pet owners that raisins, grapes, sultanas and currants are a big no-no for dogs. It’s hard to believe that somethin...
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Lily poisoning in cats

When you think of lilies, you think of pretty, innocuous flowers that we often have in our homes. But there’s a common group of lilies can be sever...
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Panado poisoning in cats | Cats and Paracetamol

Our cats are our cutest little furball friends. We play with them, love them to bits and think of them as our companions. So it’s understandable th...
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Has my dog been poisoned? Signs & symptoms of poisoning in dogs

It’s a terrifying thought: “Has my dog been poisoned?”, but the reality is that in South Africa, malicious poisoning is something that can and does...
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