Do Dogs Remember Their Siblings?

We love our little pooches a little more each day, and they likely feel the same way. So, when a puppy gets adopted into their new forever home, they usually have no problem adjusting to a new way of life, and this may cause you to wonder if your dog misses their mommy and siblings? As time goes on, you might even start to wonder if they remember their littermates at all. And, if they did, would they be able to recognise them in the park?
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Is puppy training necessary? | All about puppy classes

  Is puppy training necessary? You’ve just brought home your little ball of fluff and your puppy is full of beans – and barks, bites, and other pre...
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How to house train your puppy: 6 potty training tricks for puppies

Once you get a puppy, potty training her will be at the top of your priority list, and this requires time, dedication and routine. If you work, try...
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