Bravecto PLUS Tick, Flea and Worm Control for Cats


Cat Size: Small 1,2-2,8kg
R 319



Bravecto Plus is a veterinary medicine used in cats to treat mixed infestations with both ticks or fleas and ear mites and/or worms that live inside the body. The medicine can be used:

  • to treat tick infestations
  • to treat flea infestations. It can also be used as part of a treatment for flea allergy dermatitis (an allergic reaction to flea bites)
  • to treat ear mite infestations
  • to treat roundworms and hookworms in the gut
  • to prevent heartworm disease

Bravecto Plus must only be used when there is a need to treat ticks or fleas and one or more of the parasites listed above. Bravecto Plus contains the active substances fluralaner and moxidectin.

Small 1,2-2,8kg

Medium 2,8-6,2kg

Large 6,2-12,5kg

Single dose per pack lasts up to 3 Months

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