Frontline Plus X-Large Dogs


Select dog weight: 40kg-60kg
Select Number Of Pipettes: 3 x 4,02ml
R 495


This FRONTLINE® pack comes in either a 1 x 4,02mL or 3 x 4,02mL pack and is suitable for dogs and puppies from 8 weeks of age.

FRONTLINE® is for the treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks on dogs and puppies. FRONTLINE® Plus combines fipronil, the active ingredient in all other FRONTLINE® products, with (S)-methoprene, an insect growth regulator. This combination effectively kills fleas on the pet, and breaks the flea life cycle by inhibiting the development of flea eggs and larvae. With regular FRONTLINE® Plus treatment, your pet is set to be flea free, tick free and carefree!

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