Montego Karoo Small Breed Puppy Dog Food


Select Bag Size: 20kg
R 779


Karoo Small to Medium Breed Puppy’s super-premium formulation sustains the boundless energy of youth, meets the demands of a small but growing body while laying strong foundations for a healthy, happy future for your puppy.

Karoo kibbles have a satisfyingly crunchy texture and contain essential minerals for the development of strong teeth & bones.

Natural sources of DHA & EPA derived from omega-rich salmon oil, which play a vital role in the development of both brain and vision.

Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and zinc provide dermal support, nourishing the skin for a glossy, healthy coat.

Key sources of antioxidants along with Vitamin C and Vitamin E that work together to support your puppy’s developing immune system.

Added prebiotics, such as inulin and sugar beet pulp, promote digestive health for peak conditioning – inside and out.

Added fat not only provides the energy your puppy needs for play, but also makes it absolutely delicious!

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