Orijen Fit & Trim Dry Dog Food


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ORIJEN - Fit & Trim Dog Food

Research shows that today, over half of all companion dogs are overweight and suffer from conditions like diabetes and reduced joint health as a result. Orijen Fit & Trim Dog Food is made to solve this problem with biologically appropriate and high quality ingredients, lots of protein and limited carbs and calories. Plus, with delicious ingredients like fresh chicken, turkey, eggs and fish, your dog will never know he’s on a diet. Orijen’s foods contain no rendered meals and they are never outsourced to other manufacturers – Orijen Fit & Trim Dog Food is made exclusively in Orijen’s own Kentucky kitchens to guarantee its quality.

If you’re looking for a natural way to get your dog in shape, Orijen Fit & Trim Dog Food is a great solution. This biologically appropriate food is made with your dog’s ancestor in mind – the wolf. Meat is the most important part of this wild canine’s diet, which is why a fresh variety of meats make up 85% of this protein-packed food, including free-run chicken and turkey and wild Atlantic cod, arrowtooth flounder and Atlantic herring. Dogs who enjoy Orijen Fit & Trim Dog Food also benefit from Mother Nature’s way of getting wild dogs their vitamins: whole prey foods. Nutrient-rich cartilage and organs from the poultry and whole fish go into this formula, which eliminates the need to add a long list of artificial vitamins and minerals. For this reason, only zinc and copper are supplemented.

Leading the weight management category in meat inclusions, Orijen Fit & Trim Dog Food features 42% protein, and none of that comes from glutens or plant protein isolates. This level of protein promotes lean muscle mass, and the high meat content means that L-carnitine, which helps convert excess body fat into energy, is present naturally. Only low-glycemic carbs like squash and pumpkin are included in this food to keep the carbohydrate content down to a modest 16%. These healthy vegetables also provide fiber, support digestive health and give your dog a nice full feeling. Finally, generous portions of freeze-dried liver guarantee that your dog will go crazy for Orijen Fit & Trim Dog Food.

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