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Products to maintain your cat’s hygiene and encourage litter box usage

Every one of South Africa's pet owners knows the pain of cleaning up after their kitty's unfortunate messes while they're in litter box training. It seems so difficult at first, taking a toll on pets and owners alike. That's why ZUKI is here to bring South Africa a range of cat hygiene products that make the training process as easy as possible, delivered straight to your door!

Struggling to get your cat to use the litter box? Give our scented cat litters a try! Using smells that are sure to entice your kitty's curious side, they'll be naturally drawn to the box. With largely dust-free litter reduced to a granular size, many of our litters also boast a texture that isn't harmful or irritating to a kitten's soft paws, ensuring that they won't be scared away during those crucial first months of training. If your cat seems determined to stay near your furniture, you'll love our pet deterrents, delivering an odourless, perfectly safe spray to any cats who wander into places they aren't supposed to. We even carry a range of tasty and nutritious treats that are perfectly tailored to assist with training. Don't hesitate, order online with ZUKI today, and rest easy knowing that your cat's training will be a breeze.


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