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A diverse range of cat litter for your specific needs

With ZUKI's fabulous range of litters on offer to all the cat owners of South Africa, you'll be absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to treating your feline friend right, and with online purchasing and home delivery readily available, we've made the pet care experience completely hassle-free! ZUKI is proud to stock a multitude of litters to perfectly attend to you and your cat's needs and wants, with clumping, clay, silica, biodegradable, and many more options available. But which litter is best suited for you cat? Clay litter, the oldest cat litter to be commercially sold, is great at absorbing liquid and controlling foul odours from urine. That said, it's important to change at least once per week! Clumping litter, as the name implies, clumps together when wet, making it a snap to get rid of used litter. Silica litter is made from silica gel, which is terrific for stamping out odour and can go unchanged for longer than other litter types, so it's perfectly suited for busier lifestyles! Biodegradable litter, of course, is designed to be eco-friendly, made from recycled plant and paper materials. Whatever it is you're looking for, ZUKI has you covered.


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