Help Your Furry Friend Beat Anxiety - Benefits Of CBD For Anxiety

The anxiety and terror caused by fireworks are real for our pets. CBD oil from hemp is an all-natural solution to several issues from arthritis to stopping seizures and it plays a huge role in easing anxiety caused by fireworks for our pets. 
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The Benefits Of Using CBD Oil As A Remedy To Storm Anxiety

The first strike of lightning and a loud clap of thunder sends your pets scurrying under the bed, behind something or straight onto your lap! It is estimated that almost 40% of dogs experience noise anxiety. Storms contribute largely to this, especially in the summer months in Johannesburg. 
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Benefits Of Using CBD Oil As A Treatment For Arthritis In Your Pet

Arthritis and epilepsy, like in humans, are both conditions which can cause your little furry friends to suffer and be in pain. Learn how your pets can benefit from CDB oil as a treatment to both conditions.
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