Furball In Cats: Cause And Prevention

  • by Nick de Wit
Furball In Cats: Cause And Prevention

Nobody knows the meaning of infatuation quite like a cat owner, right? Our feline friends can seemingly do no wrong in our eyes, providing companionship, endless entertainment, and a steady stream of super cute cat pics! But there's one subject that's taboo in just about every cat-owning (or cat-owned?) household: The dreaded furball!

We know why they happen, of course, with cats constantly obsessing over their coats and practicing social grooming, which inevitably leads to some fur getting swallowed. It might seem insignificant at first, but all that hair adds up over time, and, at some point, what goes in must come out.

Cat Grooming

Most kitties will end up vomiting them up, while some simply pass them through their stool. Thankfully, they very rarely cause cats much distress, but the thought of them retching up something so unpleasant is undoubtedly off-putting. With some cats passing hairballs as often as once a week, wouldn't it be nice to have a way to prevent that from happening quite so often? Well, with a little extra love and care—as well as the right nutrition—it's possible to spare you and your pet from this awful ordeal.

Which cats are most at risk? And how can you help?

Most obviously, longer-haired cats such as Persians are particularly susceptible to unfortunate hairballs, due to the fact that they have so much more fur than shorter-haired breeds. That said, they're not the only cats with a high propensity for hairballs. Maybe your precious kitty is a compulsive groomer or simply sheds a lot? Or they’re an indoor cat with more time to lounge around and clean themselves? Then they're at particularly high-risk. Additionally, cats are most at risk at the end of winter, as the weather warms up and they start to shed their warm winter coat. Don't fret, though! You can help even the furriest of kitties stay hairball-free, with the right preventative measures.

Cat Grooming

So what's the first step you should take? Grooming, of course. Regular brushing removes the vast majority of loose hairs from your cat, which then prevents them from being swallowed up when your cat takes grooming duty into their own paws. It's best to get into good grooming habits when your kitty is still young, helping them get used to the routine and serving as a great way for pets and owners to bond. There are also many kinds of brushes made for cats of all shapes and sizes, so be sure to pick one that best matches your cat's coat. Also, take care to groom more frequently during the warm summer and spring months, when they'll be moulting more often.

Brushing A Cat

Of course, it's not just about grooming, and the right nutrition can work wonders for even the fluffiest cats.

Good nutrition is the key!

The bright minds over at Hill's (our wonderful partner at ZUKi) have always been on the cutting-edge when it comes to developing pet foods designed to assist with all areas of your pet's lives. So, it goes without saying that they're the experts in fighting hairballs. Now, with Hill's Science Plan Indoor Hairball, it's easier than ever for all the pet parents of South Africa to keep hairballs at bay.

Low in calories and fat, Indoor Hairball helps cats maintain their ideal body weight, and supports good urinary health through controlled mineral levels. Not only that, but a special formulation helps reduce stool odor significantly, making it perfect for cats who live indoors.

Hairball_ Product_ Image

But the best bit? The effect it has on hairballs is nothing short of revolutionary! Utilising Natural Fiber Technology, Indoor Hairball binds to swallowed hair in your cat's digestive tract and helps them pass through completely naturally, cutting down dramatically on hairball formation, and saving you more than a few cleaning headaches.

Check out the Hill's Science Plan Indoor Hairball range for cats of all breeds and sizes. With the great taste of Hill's packed into every bite, you and your cat can look forward to a happier, cleaner home in no time at all! 


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