What Is Predictive Biology And How Does It Influence Your Pets Meals?

  • by Chris Irwin
What Is Predictive Biology And How Does It Influence Your Pets Meals?
Did you know that it's possible to predict the way a pet will grow and develop over the years? While it might seem like an impossibility, there's a lot one can learn by studying the genetics of our pets, right down to things that haven't even happened yet! This field of science is known as predictive biology, and it's far more than just a novel trick. Using this scientific method, the information one can learn about our furry friends can help us figure out just what needs to be done to ensure they grow strong and healthy. But what does predictive biology entail, and what are the ways you can incorporate its findings into your pet's lifestyle?

So what is predictive biology?

A simple way to think of predictive biology is to imagine it as the blueprint that makes up your pet's life, working as a roadmap from their earliest years, well into adulthood. And, when it comes to developing nutrition that uniquely supports your pet's health and wellbeing, predictive biology can be a game-changer. There's simply no better way to help your pet lead the happy, healthy life that they deserve.


When it comes to developing foods using predictive biology, it can be broken down into three key areas:


Your pet's genes—made up of their DNA—can be described as the instructions that lead to the creation of proteins and all kinds of molecules that are essential for optimal growth and development.DNA governs just about everything that your pet will become. From their physical size and the colour of their fur, right down to potential health conditions down the line.


As a result, DNA ends up playing a huge role in nutrition. Influencing your pet's enzymes, hormones, and proteins that help create organ tissues, control their metabolism, and aid in digestion. By researching DNA, one can determine how a pet will react to the introduction of certain ingredients into their diet, as well as their body's ability to break down that food. All it takes is a swab on the inside of their cheek, which will provide vital information on which parts of their DNA are affecting their physical traits.


This is the study of how the genes of living organisms are affected by different foods and ingredients.Many are unaware of this, but the ingredients that go into our meals can change the activity of our genes, and the same is true for our pets. Genomics helps us observe which nutrients can change the function of the genes within the metabolic pathways of the body. By studying these changes, one can work to create positive effects on our pet's bodies.

This is studied by feeding pets and observing how they are affected, as well as looking more directly at the effects of ingredients in gene expression through the usage of cells and cultures.


This is the study of how bacteria affect the health of our precious pets, as well as the thorough assessment of beneficial bacteria. All living beings house millions of bacteria within the body, and, by adequately studying their effects, one can determine which ones have the most positive impact. By collecting and examining stool samples, one can get a clear picture of which bacteria work best for our best friends, allowing for the formulation of healthy meals that directly benefit the growth of these beneficial bacteria.


The formulation of healthy meals

Using the data gathered in these three areas doesn't just allow for the creation of the most nutritious meals around, but ones that taste great, too! With thorough taste-testing, your pet even gets a say in which recipe they like best, so you can rest easy knowing that they'll find something they love, without sacrificing their nutritional needs. Our friends at Hill's, one of South Africa's most prestigious and beloved pet food providers, are utterly committed to providing the healthiest, tastiest meals that money can buy. And, after years of research, nobody understands the benefits of predictive biology quite like Hill's!


Each meal that passes through Hill's doors is the collaborative effort of top vets, scientists, and pet nutritionists all working tirelessly to ensure that every bite is the very best that it can be.

That's why we at ZUKi are proud to have partnered with Hill's  to enjoy the results of their remarkable predictive biology methods in their Special Care pet food range. 

Make the smart choice today; with Hill's Special Care and ZUKi, your pet will grow up happy and healthy. 


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