Keeping Your Home Clean And Organised When You Have Pets

  • by Nick de Wit
Keeping Your Home Clean And Organised When You Have Pets

Your pets, especially dogs and cats are a big part of your family and part of your home. Yes, owning a pet has some challenges and plenty of responsibilities but keeping your home clean with your furry friends doesn’t take a lot. 

With more than one dog or cat roaming your home, keeping it clean may seem like an impossible and constant task. Just as you finish cleaning, your dogs stumble into the house with muddy paws, leaving prints all over your clean floors.You may want to give up on keeping your house clean, but don’t despair.

Here are some easy tips to follow to help you spend less time cleaning and more time cuddling and loving your pets. After all it’s just a bit of dirt and some loose hair!


Dogs and cats coats all vary, you get fluffy coats, short coats, coats that shed a lot and coats that don’t. If your pet tends to shed regularly brushing and grooming them will help reduce their shedding. Vacuum cleaners and lint rollers are a must making cleaning furniture and floors a lot easier! 


Vacuum cleaners 

With pets, even a “non-shedding” pet, you need to vacuum often. Besides your pet shedding their hairs, they also traipse in dirt, leaves and other debris into your home. If you don't have a vacuum cleaner, the old fashioned broom and mop will do!


Lint rollers

 A lint roller is a game changer, it is easy to use and exceptionally effective. It is perfect for removing any hairs and dirt from your cushions, furniture and clothes. 

Sanitisers and sprays

Always keep a sanitising cleaner nearby to use on stains, following the package directions. If you are dealing with a spray or sanitiser that may contain strong chemicals, take the appropriate measures to ensure your pets are safe before you apply it on any furniture or clothing. If a pet piddles on your carpet you can also use a little soda water which will help eliminate odours and prevent staining.


Tick, flea and deworming remedies 

Regular deworming and treating your pets with tick and flea products is essential in all pets. By keeping these at bay you will have a healthier pet as well as a disease free home. A flea infestation in your home is one of the worst infestations to get rid of. Prevention is way better than cure. Sprayings, bombings, flea baths and more vacuuming is necessary to stay on top of flea control. Ask your vet for recommendations on a perfect flea protection product, there is a huge selection available.

Welcome mats are not just for visitors

There are a variety of specially designed doggie door mats which really help with muddy and dusty paws. Place a good quality doormat outside the door and a washable rug inside the door. The mats will catch quite a lot of dirt before your dogs romps all over your sparkling clean home. 



Many pets have a favourite sleeping spot, use a blanket or a sheet that is easily washable, to save you from constantly shampooing your furniture or certain areas in your home.

Eating and drinking

Your pets drinking and eating bowls often attract little bugs and ants. Wash their bowls regularly to minimise the number of bugs in the house. If you have an ant problem place the bowl in a tray of water to prevent the ants from getting into their food and water bowls. 

Equipping your home

Consider sturdy and durable materials when decorating your home. Carpets and rugs that have a low pile are a lot easier to clean than long, fluffy carpets and rugs. Try to use stain-resistant fabrics in high “pet” traffic areas. They are easier to clean and keep your home looking fresh.


Have a separate box to store your pet’s toys and wash them often to prevent them from dirtying your home. Just like you do with your child’s toys and clothes, it’s helpful to organise and declutter your dog’s toys. Every couple of months, go through your dogs’ toys and throw out anything that’s broken or toys that they no longer use. 


Easy to find

 Keep all your pets items together like shampoo, treats, food, medication, grooming brushes, combs and other items in an easily accessible place. Keep all of your dogs’ vet cards, medical history, vaccination records and microchip numbers in a folder making them easy to find when needed.

Scotch guarding

Protect your furniture with a scotch guard to help prevent stains on your furniture. Most puppies do not have good bladder control and so if they take a little tinkle while on the couch the scotch guard will prevent the urine from soaking into the fabric. This will help make for a stress free and clean home environment. 


Loving on your dog or cat is a lot more important than being worried and stressed about muddy paws and hair shedding. Get the whole family involved by giving everyone a chore related to your pets, making everyone’s lives easier! 

We would love to how you keep your house clean and organised. Comment below! 

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