Pampering Your Pets

  • by Nick de Wit
Pampering Your Pets

“Playing and running, getting kisses and hugs, these are a few of my favourite things”!

Being loved, cared for and pampered is something everyone loves and cats and dogs are no different.

Pampering your pet is easy, fun, good for your soul and so good for them. Pets will never stop loving you, no matter what happens! Their unconditional love is definitely contagious, you can’t help but smile when they purr or wag their tails! 

Here are 10 easy and fun ways to pamper your pets, spend time with them and ensure they are happy, healthy and busy.


Dogs love walking and exploring new smells and new experiences. Every time you take them for a walk it is like the first time, so much excitement! If you work very long hours, consider employing a dog walker, it can be a neighbour’s teenager, who loves animals and could always use a little spare cash. If you live in an estate or in a complex ask a friendly neighbour’s teenager if they would like a little part-time job.

Cats usually explore the neighbourhood themselves and often find interesting new places in your garden and in your home to play. You will often find your cat tucked up in a cupboard having a nap, under a bed or behind a chair. 



Dogs get bored, take them to a dog park where they can run and play or take them to the beach so they can splash in the water and roll in the sand. Another option would be to take your dog on a hike with you, ensure you have enough water to keep them nice and hydrated.  

At the end of the day you will have a happy, healthy and very tired pooch.


Dogs and cats spend quite a lot of the day and night asleep, so make sure that they have a comfortable bed, dry and warm away from drafts, gas heaters and open fireplaces. There is a huge selection of wonderful dog and cat beds on the market for you to choose from. 



Who doesn’t love some afternoon treats and our pets are no different!  Look for different treats to spoil your pet with, a little tip, when buying a new treat for the first time, just buy a few as sometimes they are fussy and you will end up with a huge box of left over treats.


Whether they like it or not your pet will feel wonderful after a warm wash and a good brush. You will feel better too knowing that your pets are spick and span. Most pets don’t love having a bath but all pets love prancing around afterwards showing off their new look. 

Brushing your pets at least weekly helps with loose fur falling all over your clothes, carpets and furniture. 



This is a must! Socialising gives shy and timid dogs more confidence and for those boisterous ones it tends to calm them down playing with “their own kind”. By having a sociable dog you can happily and confidently join friends and family on walks, hikes and at dog parks, without worrying about them having a fight.


 Let them watch TV, strange but true, dogs and cats love constant stimulation and enjoy a bit of background noise especially when home alone. 

Playing With Your Pet 

Create simple games with your dogs. Games like fetch, frisbee, tug of war and water games (in the summer) are loved by most dogs. 

Cats are inquisitive and they enjoy activities like chasing a ball with a little bell inside it, tussling and playing with a ball of wool and chasing a light from a torch on a wall, crinkled paper and boxes, any boxes.

Make sure that your garden is safe and pet friendly, especially check on poisonous plants and sharp objects like gardening tools and fences. Please be vigilant regarding your pool or fish ponds, some dogs are too small to get out if they fall in, it is easy to teach your pets water safety by showing them where the steps are, or in the case of a fish pond show them the easiest way out.

If you leave your dog outside during the day make sure that you have shade and a shelter for them as well as fresh water. 


 Vet Visits 

Visits to the vet are not considered pampering but regular check-ups are essential to keeping your dog healthy. You can be confident knowing that by having a healthy and disease free pet your dogs are safe when socialising with other pets. One mention of the word vet and most dogs and all cats go running for the hills. A visit usually ends up in some sort of tablet or even an injection. 

So grin and bear it Fido and Daisy, then after the ordeal get ready for the next tummy tickle or romp on the bed!


Cuddle them, pet them and talk to them, do they understand what you are saying? Probably not everything, but talk to them nevertheless. All a pet wants is attention, attention, attention, don’t ignore them, they are part of your family, treat them as such.

Enjoy every second you spend with your pets, they are not with us for our lifetime but they are with us for their entire lifetime.



A point to ponder: Pets are sometimes naughty and disobedient. They do need to be reprimanded but remember you can do this with care, do not totally lose your temper and once you have “shouted” at your pet, don’t let it drag on all day. Take a deep breath and get over it, as they will and they are back to loving you again. Affection and constant praise is a perfect way to love your pet. Let the pampering continue!

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