Spoiling your pets. Simplified. We’re taking the frustration out of fussing over your fur-babies

  • by DR Roxanne Jones
Spoiling your pets. Simplified.  We’re taking the frustration out of fussing over your fur-babies

Let’s face it, times are tough out there. The economy isn’t exactly thriving. The cost of living seems to soar ever higher as salaries shrink and free time is exchanged for freelancing just to make ends-meet. Back in the day if you weren’t married with 1.5 kids by the time you hit 25 you were considered kooky, but in contemporary times the average 25-year old hasn’t left the nest, and the thought of financing a child’s future is a frightening one, to say the least!

 So, in such stifling circumstances, what’s the logical solution to loneliness and excess levels of love to lavish on something cute and cuddly? The obvious choice is to get yourself a pet. And, as a society, we’ve certainly gone all-out in adopting honourary kids across the species spectrum.


Although pets are significantly less of a financial drain than their human counterparts, the costs of feeding, housing, entertaining, clothing (a common consideration for the social-media-obsessed progressive pet-owner) and keeping your pet happy and healthy can still be a considerable burden.

Perhaps the most time and cost-intensive aspect of pet parenting is keeping them fed. It’s not simply a case of shovelling your leftovers into Fido’s food bowl after dinner (we won’t even start on how unhealthy and potentially life-threatening it is to give your pets certain human food - you should rather consider a Tamagotchi if you’re that irresponsible), but rather a conscientious and considered approach to find the optimal nutritional strategy to suit your specific pet’s species, breed, size, weight, food sensitivity and so much more, to ensure they’re receiving the right diet to help them thrive.

Whether you’re raising your pet from infancy or adopting an older animal, a visit to your local vet is essential to assess the health and nutritional needs of your new family member, and determine the right diet for their individual development. Sure, you could just head to your local supermarket and grab the biggest bag of no-name doggie diet chunks at the cheapest price you can find, but then don’t be surprised when your poor pet gets fat, sick or depressed. Our pets’ physiology is every bit as complex and vulnerable as ours, and a bad diet only spells disaster down the line. Imagine you only ate donuts and fast-food instead of a healthy, balanced diet? Your long-term health outlook would be rather grim.


But even if we assume that you aren’t oblivious to the importance of buying the best food for your pet, choosing the right chow isn’t always easy. Walking into a pet shop and seeing the overwhelming selection of pet food brands, and products therein, aimed at animals of different sizes, ages, sexes, digestive considerations and so much more, is enough to leave even the seasoned pet owner unsure of where to begin. Furthermore, once you’ve actually made that difficult choice and found the right product for your pet, you’ll have to make the mission to go and collect that pricey packet of pellets on a regular basis to keep your ravenous little buddy satisfied.

Is owning a pet really worth all this time, money and effort?


Of course it is. Duh.


But there’s a much better way of keeping your precious pets purring and prospering. Why would you go through the motions of getting in your car, driving to your specialised pet store (mostly likely tackling the traffic too) and spending a premium price on premium pet food, just to do it all again next week/month? Isn’t it time to get with the times and integrate the ease and innovation of shopping online into your pet-ownership routine? 


It’s time you discovered ZUKI.


Having already revolutionised the lives of pet owners around South Africa, we’re expanding our scope to include the Southern Cape, and we can’t wait to show you how much easier and more enjoyable life is when you take the hassle out of spoiling your pets. Our Southern Cape operation is based in George and is managed and operated by our local business partners, hiring local staff, using local couriers for our deliveries, local suppliers for our packaging and local warehousing for our storage and distribution – yes, we do love to keep it local! And, as our Southern Cape operations grow, we look forward to growing our local staff compliment even further, creating jobs and keeping our customers happy.

For those that aren’t familiar with ZUKI, we’re an online premium pet food and accessory delivery platform aimed at saving you time and money, so you can focus on bonding with those fur-babies of yours.

Developed by a passionate vet to ensure the right nutrition is always on hand for pet owners at the best prices, ZUKI is changing the game by allowing you to get everything your pet needs delivered to your door, according to a schedule that suits you. Not only do we stock all the finest brands, including Eukanuba, Hill’s, IAMS, Royal Canin and many more, but we sell our brands at 5-15% less than retail stores and vets. Additionally, our innovative Auto Delivery system allows you to save your order and get it delivered automatically according to a schedule that suits you, ensuring you never have to drive to the shops to pick up pet food again! Auto Delivery also saves you between 7 & 15% on your orders, includes free shipping on orders over R450 and requires no commitment on your behalf – you can update, pause or cancel your order at any time. It really is a no-brainer.

As pet-obsessed individuals ourselves, we totally understand the fine balance that needs to be struck between giving your pets the best and being able to afford avocados (millennial problems, huh?), and we genuinely believe that by making your life a little easier and making your pet’s treats that much more affordable, we’re making a difference in the lives of pets – and their humans.

Give ZUKI a try and soon enough your pet could be enjoying the finest food, without you having to forego your fancy avocado toast!


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