How to give a cat a pill

How to give a cat a pill


What’s harder than trying to give a cat a pill? No, it’s not a riddle - it’s a real question! 

Chat to any pet owner who’s tried to deworm or medicate their cat, and they’ll tell you all about the times their sweet little furkid turned into a raging wildcat when they tried to pop a pill into their mouths.

As a vet, I have tons of clients who panic at the thought of having to give their cats a pill, but actually, if you get the technique right, it can be less painful than you think. So I’ve put together a short video to help you get this tricky task right. You can also follow the steps below.

Easy way to give your cat a pill

  1. Firstly, make sure you have your pill ready to go before you start. Today I’m using a dewormer called Milbemax. It’s really important to deworm your pets regularly - at least every six months.
  2. Next, if possible, get someone to help you. It’s much easier to give a cat a pill when there’s one person to hold the cat and another person to administer the tablet.
  3. Working quickly, hold your cat firmly around her face. You want to grab her by her top canine teeth and press her jaw so that her mouth opens up. 
  4. Pop the pill into her mouth, as far back as you can, then quickly remove your fingers so you don’t get bitten. And there you go! Make sure she swallows the pills and doesn’t spit it out as soon as she’s out of reach. 
  5. If you still struggle, try wrapping your kitty up in a blanket (like a burrito) so she can’t claw at you while you give her the pill. However, depending on your cat’s temperament, trying to ‘burrito’ a kitty can be as challenging as giving her the pill in the first place, so you’ll have to see what works for your furbaby.

We hope this helps! You can also watch the video for the step-by-step guide. Good luck!

Disclaimer: Always consult your vet for professional advice. The blog is provided as an educational tool and should not be used to diagnose illness or treat an animal.

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