Owning a dog: 15 Reasons it makes you an awesome human being

  • by DR Roxanne Jones
Owning a dog: 15 Reasons it makes you an awesome human being

It’s only once you’ve owned a dog that you’re able to understand the incredible connection between human and pooch. We could give you countless reasons why owning a dog makes your life fuller, brighter, happier and healthier, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to just 15.

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  1. Dogs remain loyal to their owners no matter what. There’s a reason people believe that they’re a human’s best friend!
  2. Dogs help to lift your mood. Studies have found that people who own pets are generally happier, less lonely and more trusting than those who don’t.
  3. Dogs are excellent pets for children. They help improve children’s self-esteem, and give them a sense of responsibility by looking after and caring for another being. Kids also enjoy, and learn from, watching a pup grow. It can be a rewarding experience that gives them a sense of achievement.
  4. Dogs help kids to beat allergies. Kids who grow up around dogs tend to develop fewer allergies and skin conditions when they’re older.
  5. Dogs can help you live a healthier life. Owning a dog means you tend to go out for more walks, jogs or bike rides to exercise your pooch.
  6. Need therapy? Get a dog! Dogs help to reduce stress levels, improve your mood, and reduce anxiety and depression. They also help to improve happiness levels by triggering the release of oxytocin, the ‘happy hormone’, when you interact and play with them, and decrease the amount of cortisol (the ‘stress hormone’) released.
  1. Owning a dog can reduce your blood pressure, according to some studies. This is likely due to reduced stress levels and living a healthier lifestyle.
  2. People with dogs tend to recover faster from illnesses,according to multiple studies.
  3. Dogs make you laugh!And laugher is great for our health.
  4. Dogs simply want to make their humans happy, and will go all out to please them.
  5. Got kids? A ‘mobile vacuum-cleaner’ is a must! Just make sure they don’t get their the paws on any of these
10 dengerous foods for dogs.
  1. Dogs inspire us. No matter what hardships they have been through in their lives, with the right love and care, they always bounce back with a wag in their tails and a positive outlook on life.
  1. Owning a dog can help you quit smoking. Some pet owners kick the habit when they discover the harmful effects of secondhand smoke on their fubabies’ lungs.
  2. Dogs are excellent service animals. They can be trained to guide the blind, fetch medication for sick people, detect cancer through their sense of smell, and even detect seizures before they happen.
  3. Dogs are trusty protectors,especially in South Africa. Our faithful watch dogs, big or small, alert us to danger and protect us in perilous situations. Just remember: even guard dogs need proper care and affection, and should always have a warm, comfy place to sleep, and enough food and water at all times.

There are even more amazing reasons to own a dog, and we know you’ll love every moment of it.

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