Montego cat & dog food delivered to your door | Pet food delivery

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Montego cat & dog food delivered to your door | Pet food delivery

Ding, dong, your dog food has arrived! stocks a wide range of Montego cat and dog food which you can shop online for door-to-door delivery in South Africa. 

From everyday nutritional needs to treats, flea and tick control, hygiene products and medication, Zuki stocks everything your pet needs to be healthy, happy, well-fed and flea free. And getting your paws on it all is as simple as shopping online, checking out and waiting for your order to arrive.

Set up an auto-delivery and get Montego pet food delivered to your door exactly when you need it. That means no more emergency shop runs, and no more running out at 10pm! Simply set the schedule that suits you, and let us take care of the rest. We’ll make sure your furbaby’s food is always delivered, no matter how busy life may get.


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About Montego pet food

Montego was developed right here in South Africa, in the heart of the Karoo, by a South African entrepreneur with a passion for pet nutrition. The aim behind developing Montego pet food was to bring South African consumers and affordable pet food brand that didn’t compromise on quality - and that’s exactly what Montego offers.

Montego is a member of the Pet Food Industry Association (PFI) of South Africa, which means that all its products are manufactured in line with world-class standards of quality and safety. The company’s food production standards for their dog, cat and fish food (including their food safety management system) comply with international standards, and are among the best in the world. In short - your pet gets the best, safest and most nutritious food. 

Why choose Montego cat and dog food for your pets?

Montego pet food offers superior quality nutrition for your pets - and we can tell that the quality is superior because of its digestibility. Essentially, the more digestible your pet’s food, the healthier the food is. It means that there’s nothing in it that shouldn’t be there, and it’s also packed with goodness and nutrients. 

As a result, your pet is able to absorb more nutrients from less food, and therefore requires less kibble to feel satisfied and full. It’s like eating good quality foods over junk food: your pet will feel fuller for longer, will produce less waste, and will be ingesting better quality food overall.

If you needed further assurance, Montego is recommended by vets. All Montego foods are made from the best quality ingredients, scientifically formulated to provide optimal nutrition, and cooked to perfection under ideal conditions in Montego’s world-class factory. 

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Diet and climate: why Montego is perfect for South African pets

Montego pet food has been uniquely developed for the South African pet’s diet. That’s right: an animal’s nutritional needs must be suited to the climate it lives in. Because temperatures are higher in South Africa than other parts of the world, our pets require less fat for energy - and Montego products have been tailored with this in mind. 

Each type of food has been developed to contain the right nutrients in the right amounts - and you can be sure that there are no unnecessary ingredients, fillers or other superfluous additives simply to drive the price up or make the food bulkier. Montego contains only what your pet needs, in the ideal amounts. 

Cat or dog, Montego’s got you covered

Montego stocks a wide range of tasty, affordable and quality products for cats and dogs. Options range from grain-free dog food to Montego Classic dry dog food and dry cat food, puppy nutrition, and drool-icious sauces to make food taste even better. The range also includes nutritionally balanced treats - they’ve covered it all!


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Why shop Montego pet food at is known for delivering South Africa’s top pet food brands and more at the most affordable prices. What’s more, we’ve brought something even niftier to our customers: automatic delivery.

Automatic pet product deliveries mean that you never run out of your pet’s essentials, no matter how busy life may get. In fact, once you’ve set up your delivery schedule, you can forget all about it - and rest assured that all your furbaby’s favourites will be delivered to your door, right when you need them. 

With Zuki auto delivery, you save time, money and stress. No more late-night trips to the 24-hour garage shop; no more running out on Christmas day! Simply select the products you want delivered regularly - like cat or dog food, flea and tick control, treats or hygiene products - then set up your delivery schedule. You get to have all your pet essentials delivered, while maintaining complete control over your order. Add or remove products at any time, change your delivery frequency, change your next delivery date, or cancel at any time - there’s no obligation. 

As a pawsome added bonus, we’ll give you 5% to 15% off all your recurring orders. We can’t think of a reason not to sign up!

Start shopping now by using the search bar to find what you’re looking for. Then, add your pet’s faves to your basket and pick your delivery schedule. Checkout, chill, and wait to receive your products. It couldn’t be easier!

What will you do with all the time you save? Play with your furbaby, of course!

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