Shop Acana pet food online | Buy cat & dog food South Africa

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Shop Acana pet food online | Buy cat & dog food South Africa

If your pets love Acana, you've come to the right place. We stock a wide range of Acana pet food for cats and dogs, and we'll deliver it to your door anywhere in South Africa. is the perfect one-stop pet shop for busy pet owners who care about their furbabies' health. Not only do we stock a superb assortment of high quality foods, treats, medications and more, but we also deliver - on schedule. That's right: with Zuki, you can set up a scheduled delivery to ensure that you receive all your pets' must-haves exactly when you need them. Get your essentials delivered weekly, monthly, or however often you need them, from food to flea treatment, medication, treats and more.

Scroll to the end of the article to find out exactly how to set up a scheduled delivery - it's quick and easy, and it'll take one more chore off your paws!

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Acana: award-winning pet food for cats and dogs

You've seen the beautiful packaging and probably heard the name, but what's all the fuss about Acana pet food?

Manufactured by Champion Pet Foods, Acana and its sister product, Orijen, offer the highest quality pet nutrition made from the freshest and most nourishing ingredients. Acana pet food is biologically appropriate, which means that it mirrors the freshness, variety and quantity of meat that pets have evolved to eat in nature, and which fully sustains and nourishes them. In a nutshell: your pet gets the very best nutrition, as close as possible to what nature intended. 

Acana offers a variety of food for cats and dogs at various stages of life, from kittens and puppies to adults, as well as breed-specific options. There is also a delicious range of flavours to choose from. Be it fish or pork, duck or lamb, whatever your pet prefers, there’s a mouth-watering option to make them drool.

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Acana is carb conscious and perfect for your pets

A lot of cheaper commercial pet foods are packed with carbohydrates - something your pet (especially your cat) needs very little of. Why this ‘carbo loading’? Simple: it keeps manufacturing costs down while still, technically, doing the job of keeping your pet feeling full. But supermarket diets do not give your pets the nutrition they need. It’s like feeding your furbaby a constant stream of fast food. Sure, they lap it up and feel satisfied for a short while, but it’s offering them very little nutritional benefit and worse, could negatively impact their health over the long term.

Acana’s range is made using real, fresh meat that is sustainably sourced from trusted suppliers. It is designed to completely nourish your pet at a price that pet lovers can afford.

Because Acana contains a different amount of fresh meat to Orijen, it offers unbeatable value at a price point that makes it accessible to a much wider range of pet owners. That said, Acana still contains 50% to 75% regional, sustainably-sourced meat in all of its products, half of which is fresh meat. 

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The expert team behind Acana for cats and dogs

An expert team of qualified nutritionists and scientists works hard to ensure that every bite of Acana cat and dog food is optimally nutritious for your pet. This team oversees the formulation and validation of Acana products. All foods are thoroughly tested and formulated to meet stringent food safety standards and requirements. Digestibility and palatability are also regularly tested, so you can be sure that you’re giving your baby something they’ll not only love, but benefit from too. 

In fact, the kitchen in which Acana food is produced was the first-ever recipient of the prestigious Global Market Award from the Global Food Safety Initiative. Ongoing research and testing ensures that only the highest quality products are released to market - products that will have your pooch wagging her tail and your kitty meowing for more. 

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Shop Acana pet food now, and get it all delivered to your door

Your furbaby loves Acana and you love the nutritional benefits it offers. But what you may not love is having to lug heavy bags of it to your car - or worse, running out at the most inconvenient times! 

So you’ll be thrilled to know that not only delivers Acana pet food to your door, but also offers scheduled deliveries so you never run out. Want your pet food delivered weekly? Monthly? Every three, six, or nine weeks? You decide. Simply set up your preferred schedule when you add your products to your basket, and we’ll deliver accordingly. You never need to remember to buy pet food - or flea treatment, medicines or anything else you choose to buy from us. Plus, you can update, change or cancel your scheduled delivery any time. Best of all, you get up to 15% off all scheduled orders. 

Start shopping right meow! Use the search bar at the top of the page to find what you’re looking for, and load up on all your must-haves. Then get delivery to your door for the most convenient and affordable way to shop for your pets.

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